Joshua Birnbaum founded Noorg (no-org) in 1998 as a way of delivering his system and network administration skills to a wider audience. By doing so, he felt that he would be better positioned to assess the Information Technology (IT) needs of differing organizations and, as a result, provide a higher caliber of service. To wit: the IT requirements of a financial exchange are radically different than those of an advertising firm.

Mr. Birnbaum began his IT career in 1994. Since that time, he has made systems, networks, and security the focal points of his work and interests, as an IT professional.
These interests also extend to open source software development, the result of which is ifchk (Interface Check), a computer and network security tool, written and maintained by Mr. Birnbaum.

Australian born, Mr. Birnbaum grew up in Asia, after which time he moved to Europe. He arrived in New York in 1993, where he has resided since.